Learning To Survive
I'm a 19 year old girl just trying to make a difference to the world. I have depression and PTSD. I've been self harming for 9 years and in recovery. I care about every single one of you and I'm here if you need someone to talk to. I love you

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Anonymous : im sorry, i hope you'll be alright. im rooting for you, friend. ♥

Thank you beautiful

Anonymous : How long have you been clean?? It's okay if you don't want to answer, I'm just curious

Around 2 weeks

Anonymous : Sending love your way ~

Thank you darling

Anonymous : if u are sick of being in hospital, stop doing that shit what puts you into those places. not saying this to be a dick...but srsly. its you fault if you are there

You don’t have any idea why I’m in here so don’t judge.

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Sick of being in hospital. And I’m meant to be moving to a long term secure ward and I don’t wanna go :(

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