Learning To Survive
I'm a 19 year old girl just trying to make a difference to the world. I have depression and PTSD. I've been self harming for 9 years and in recovery. I care about every single one of you and I'm here if you need someone to talk to. I love you

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I wonder if your chest ever aches at the sound of my name the same way mine does whenever I hear yours.
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Anonymous : That image of you is amazing. It's not even remotely poor

Thanks so much


I find it insulting that there are people who think I’m straight

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Wow thanks!

Anonymous : You are absolutely beautiful.

Thank you!

Anonymous : How long have you been in the hospital? I hope you are getting better, even if slowly. Keep hanging in there, okay? Sending you positive thoughts xo

I’ve been in hospital 4 months now

Anonymous : You're so, so amazing. I clicked on your blog because a picture of you popped up on my dash and wanted to stop by and tell you how lovely the blue in your eyes looks next to the blue in your hair. But then I read your FAQ and was completely amazed by the work that you do with your recovery packs. You have inspired me with your kindness and restored some hope in me that the world truly does have beautiful people in it. Thank you, for being you.

This is lovely! Thank you so much

Anonymous : Hey it's Cameron, been a while with what's going on and everything, how you feeling and how are things going? Xxxx

Things are pretty crap cam :(

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Anonymous : I saw you said that noone loves you, and I want you to know, I do. We haven't spoken in years, and I miss you more and more every day. I love you sweetie, be safe and happy xoxo

Please come off anon, I want to talk to you