Learning To Survive
I'm a 19 year old girl just trying to make a difference to the world. I have depression and PTSD. I've been self harming for 9 years and in recovery. I care about every single one of you and I'm here if you need someone to talk to. I love you

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Anonymous : Don't worry, love. You're not disgusting at all. I love you. Stay Strong <3

Thanks beautiful. I love you too!

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Anonymous : I think what you do is amazing!

Thank you gorgeous!

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its-allaboutana : I just started this account where people submit "Im the person that ____" and I want to get it going. I love your blog and thought that if it's not too much, could you publicly post this so people can see and follow/submit a post? Thank you <3


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My names Chloe, I’m 19 years old and Im trying to make a difference to those suffering with mental health problems. About a year ago I started making recovery packages for those who needed a little support in the direction of recovery. I know how hard it is to recover from mental illness and how often you just don’t know where to start. It was due to this I decided to start putting packages together full of practical things and advice so that people will be able to kick start their recovery. It’s important to me that everyone who has asked for a pack gets one however due to the increase in requests I am struggling to meet this. 

With donations I will be able to do this more quickly and ensure everyone is getting their packages. If people could just click the donate button at the top of my blog and give a small donation it will go a long way. I have been told by some people who have received them that they’ve saved their lives. Please reblog and spread the word and help me to raise the funds to continue sending these
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